American Airlines private service

America Airlines releases a new service for special customers. The main difference from the standard offer is an ability to choose a private aircraft with a convenient time for the client. The possibility to select regular flights with premium comfort remains as well.

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Main screen

The user script is simplified. A minimum number of margins for tickets booking is made.

The place of departure is selected by default, based on the customer's geolocation.


To start booking, you only need to specify the destination and, if necessary, change the number of passengers.

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Entering date of departure and arrival

The date is entered not in the main screen, but separately. It is possible to choose a date without a return ticket.

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Selection of departure and arrival flights

Firstly, a client chooses the type of the aircraft on which he will reach the destination. In this way, you can fly on a private plane twice as fast and choose your departure time.

The headings indicate the number of steps to complete the booking.

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The selection of a return flight is a separate step, in order not to overload the client with information on one screen. Therefore, the selection of the return flight straightly corresponds with the previous actions.

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Entering passenger’s information

Entering passenger’s information goes right after the selection of flights, so after filling in the email, we can send the client a link to the additional filling of the reservation, in case he leaves the web page beforehand.

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Selection of flight parameters

The client can choose food, seats and extra luggage.


Selection of a seat

If the client does not need a return ticket, the screen with the flights’ selection is skipped, and seat’s selection is offered straight away.

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Selection of meal

Meals can be ordered in unlimited quantities.

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Checking of all parameters and payment

At the last step, the client is asked to select a payment method and check all previously entered data.

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